​Westmoreland Sale for Kids Area's Largest Consignment Sales

Teen & Adult Volunteer Information·        

Volunteer Guidelines 

Our volunteers keep our sale running smoothly and are the most vital resource we have. 
We can’t do the sale without you! 
If you’re interested in volunteering with us, check out our volunteer needs.
Consignors can enter your consignor number and password. 
First-time volunteers can use the link under the log-in to register and set up your account. 

If you are consigning and volunteering for the first time, please register as a consignor first.
Everyone is invited and welcome to volunteer with us. 

All volunteers are invited to shop during our Preview Sale on Thursday Sept 26, 2019 at 4 pm.

Why Volunteer? 

Get a break from the kids and the everyday schedule.

Meet other people from the area.

Volunteer with a friend for a fun night.

Earn the right to Shop before the Public Sale.
Consignor Volunteers can earn and additional 5% for every 3 hours they volunteer up to 10% max 6 hours volunteering.
Without our wonderful volunteers, we would NOT be able to coordinate such an exciting event!
Thank you for taking the time to consider helping us at the sale!

Westmoreland Sale for Teens & Adults is run by Consignors/Volunteers. 
Volunteers are asked to give us 3 hours of your time helping in many areas of the sale.
Helping with Set-up (requires some heavy lifting and setting up of tables and racks)
Help in Checking in items and placing them on the proper racks/tables.
Checking the quality of items, checking for stains, tears, wear.
Help sanitize items according to the law.
Monitoring Sales floor, maintain organization of items.
Help with customers service during the sale.
Monitor Fitting Rooms allowing only 8 items in a room at a time and reattaching tags as items come out of the fitting rooms.
Help at checkouts taking tags off items and counting items for cashier.
Breakdown, (help sort items back to consignor number and break down tables and racks, help pack up donates)
Helping maintain a safe environment for shopper and volunteers.

Security monitor: monitor doors, check for receipts, monitor shoppers and fellow workers.
If you have any physical issues that would make these activities difficult for you, we have other tasks available.

Please contact me for more information info@saleforkids.com

We ask that volunteers refrain from dropping off your items during their volunteer shift.

Volunteers may drop off their items before or after their shift(s).  

Volunteer Pre Sale Pass: Will admit the Volunteer and their spouse.

 Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Dress for the weather our buildings are not heated or cooled.  We will provide you with a name tag to wear.

Small snacks (crackers, chips, candy, and fruit) and drinks (water) will be available to volunteers during their shifts in a designated area.  

Which position is right for you? 

Set-Up: This position is more for someone who likes to help assemble the clothing racks, set-up the sales floor and.

Inventory Check-In: Help consignors place their items in the correct place during drop off. 

Cashier: This position is for someone with experience using a computer and working in a fast pace environment. This person will be helping the customers with their purchase scanning tags and handling money.     If you would like to run register please contact Lisa prior to the sale.

Tagger: You will work with the register person by, cutting tags from items being purchased and counting to make sure all tags are removed from the customer items, bagging items and keeping the line moving. Will also help in returning clothing that was tried on in the fitting room to the floor.

Changing room Attendant: This person will assist with the fitting rooms. Keeping track of what room are available and Re-tagging and pinning clothing to return to the floor.

Runner/Floater: helping out wherever help is needed. Help with keeping items off the floor and picking up things that have fallen. Also will be helping to return items to the racks from the changing rooms when not purchased.

Breakdown:after the sale closes: this is a fast-paced environment: 

Volunteers will be helping sort unsold  items by  donates and consignor  resort number for them  to  pick-Up, Volunteers during breakdown also help with  disassembling clothing racks,  help with loading the trucks , help pack donated items and help with building clean up.  

**Consignor/ Volunteer Shopper Referral

Each Consignor can printout the guest pass. PRINTABLE GUEST PASS

This guest pass you need to add  consignors name and # on it.

You can select to give this guest pass to a friend or family to invite them to shop with us

on Thursday Sept 26, 2019  from 6 pm –8 pm.        

Consignors: when your guest invite is used along with a purchase at the sale on Thursdays night it will earn you 1% per card (up to 5% max) for each card returned with your name and number on it.