Pricing - General pricing guidelines to follow

Consignment Mommies have a great resource for pricing

$2 minimum on all items, price in whole dollar increments only ***

Do not drastically under price an item just to get rid of it. 

Set prices fair and reasonable. This is a consignment sale, not a garage sale.

Items may be discounted on Sunday the last day of the sale.

 We sell over 80% of our items full price.

As a general rule, price the item 1/4 to 1/3 (and up to ½) of the original sale price.

Brand name toys and larger items generally sell for more Up to and over 50%.

Clothing: 20 to 35% of original.

Outfits $4 to $15 (higher for designer brands or multiple pieces)

Coats: (25 to 35% of original.)

Baby Equipment: If like new and current design then 25 to 45% of original

Furniture: 25 to 40% of original.

Cribs are across the board from $40 and up.

Toddler beds from $20 and up.

Do not price cribs and furniture pieces together, Price each item separately.

Toys: 25 to 40% of original. Consider condition and popularity when pricing

Movies: DVD’S/BLU RAY. 25 to 35%: ($2 to $8) of original.

Books: Approx. 25%-30% of original price. (Ex. 2 to 3 Arthur paperback books approx. $3.) List all titles on tag.

Large Plastic toys: (little tykes, Step 2) –from 35% to 50%.

Sometimes even more if very current and in new condition, with no fading, etc.

Big ticket items sometimes sell better if you print out a description from on line stores to show how much it cost new.

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