Preparing Non-Clothing Items For Sale

Large items: All large items will need a large item tag to track it,

You can get these at drop off or contact me to pick some up before the sale.

(Cribs, Furniture, Pack n plays, high chairs, bikes, play houses, bouncer, kitchens, trains tables, strollers, etc.)

Bring your printed barcode tags for your furniture, with you to drop off.

You will place your bar code tag onto the large tag then tie or tape to the item.

Feeding: Bottles, Sippy cups, dishes & utensils, bibs, and burp cloths. Please package in baggies. Attach tag with pin. Do not include the nipples in bottles.

Mommy Gear: Diaper Bags; wipe warmers, baby carriers, step stools, and nursing pillows. Attach tag with zip tie or tape. All must be in like new condition and CLEAN.

Bedding: PLEASE WASH ALL BEDDING BEFORE YOU PACKAGE IT. We do have to open it and sanitize all bedding so we will see stains and unwashed bedding and it will be refused.     

Please see Bedding & Upholstery Law sterilization Guidelines.

Crib – bassinet – twin - full bedding/sheets - mattress pads, blankets – towels: hang on hanger and pin to a hanger. Pin tags on the same as clothing.

Children’s room décor: (child-themes ONLY)

Picture frames, lamps, wall hangings, etc. Please be sure your items are packaged to be displayed and prevent them from breaking.

Safety: Baby monitors, safety devices (plug covers, corner rails) for home, shopping cart covers, baby gates, and bed rails. Attach tag with tape.

Toys: Must be in like NEW condition.

If a toy has many parts, you can place small parts (i.e. tools) in zip-lock bags then attach the bag to the main part (i.e. tool bench) with clear packing tape. Make sure you indicate your seller number on the bag of accessories in case it gets separated from the main item. Use packing tape across the top of these bags to keep the items securely contained.   

When taping on the tag do not tape over the printed barcode on the tags.

**All toys that call for batteries must have working batteries.

Please open batteries compartment to check for corroded batteries.

You can pick up batteries at the dollar store for $1 a pack.

*If we need to supply batteries to test a toy there will be a charge of $5.00 for each set of 2 batteries, regardless of the price on the toy, that will be sold with the toy.

It will be cheaper for you to buy dollar store batteries then be charged a convenience fee for us to provide batteries. 

Attaching tags :

For single item toys, tape tag to the top or bottom. Do not over tape the item.

Some toys you will see and can bring are: Shape sorters, push & pull toys, stacking blocks, rattles, crib toys, musical toys, balls, Action Figures and sets: Batman, G.I. Joe, Marvel Universe, Toy Story, Star Wars, Rescue Heroes, Play Mobil, Imagine Next, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Tonka, Dolls, Barbie’s, Monster High, Baby Born, Disney Fairies, Dora the Explorer, Polly Pockets, American Girl, Little People. Board Games: All pieces must be included. Please put game pieces in zip lock bag so they don’t spill out of boxes. Building Toys: (K-NEX, Lego, Lincoln logs, MEGA Blocks, etc.)  

Please pay special attention when taping tags to board puzzles, books!

Books: (bundle sets of books with string, ribbon or in large zip lock bags).

Types of books accepted: Board books - easy readers - chapter – series - baby books - parenting books - homeschooling

Puzzles: board, floor, learning, (put in large zip lock bag or shrink wrap to keep all pieces together). DO NOT tape on the picture of puzzles, Bag them in a large 1 or 2 gallon zip lock bag, or use painters tape to tap tag to the back of box.

Electronic Educational Games: 

These will be tested to make sure they work before we open.

V-Tech, V Smile, Leap Pad, Leapster, and Leap Frog, Please package so all pieces stay together.

WORKING Video Games and Systems

Nintendo, Xbox, Play Station, Wii, Xbox 360

Video Games Cartridges: Tape games on a piece of cardboard and place into Ziploc bag if you do not have original case , Tape tag to the top of the bag. No overly violent games with extreme ratings will be accepted. No (M) rating

Children’s music CD’s: (Originals only no copies)

Children’s DVD’s &Blue Ray: (in original case no copies, no R rated)


Large outside Items: (will need large item tag) Houses, Slides, Play Sets, Picnic Tables, Bikes, Tricycles, Scooters, Power Wheels, Swings,

Pretend play large items: (will need large item tag) Kitchens, work benches, trains tables, art tables, easels, puppet theaters, doll houses, table and chair sets.

Dress up outfits: cowboy, princess. (Not costumes)

Sports equipment: Skates, baseball gloves, basketball hoops, football equipment, knee pads, hiking backpacks, etc.

NO HELMETS UNLESS NEW WITH TAGS. Used helmets are a safety issue. Please buy a new one. You should not buy a used helmet at a yard sale or thrift shop. Damage may not be evident.  

Strollers with infant car seats must be less than 4 years old and never been in an accident or recalled.

PLEASE, Verify that baby equipment that you are bringing has not been recalled. Please see recall information on the or call 800-424-9393. Manufacture date must be within 4 years so the buyer will have at least a year to use the seat. We will not accept the manufacture date with <6 months of use left.

Strollers, joggers, bike trailers, Pack-n-plays, baby swings, walkers, Exer-saucers, bouncy seats, doorway jumpers (please check your items for recalls)

All of these items will also be sanitized at drop off.

You will also need LARGE ITEM TAG ATTACHED.

Cribs Only cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011. With the NEW crib laws, cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011 are not permitted to be used. The new law requires Consigned cribs to have the manufacture date on the crib, showing it to be manufactured on or after June 28th, 2011. Thank you for understanding that our children’s safety is top priority! 

Crib Mattresses - will only be accepted if manufactured on or after July 1, 2007 and it must have compliance label “Part 1633”. All Mattresses will be sterilized before the sale and tagged to comply with the Federal Law. Mattresses will be sanitized when you bring them to drop off.

Also, have your inventory tag ready to be attached to our LARGE ITEM TAGS at drop off.

Sale for Kids Children's Sale

How to Preparing Clothing Items for Sale 

All clothing should be freshly washed.

You must use our tagging system and print all tags on white Card stock.

Failure to use Card stock may result in lost or torn tags.   

Use wire hangers for all clothing, blankets and crib sheets.

None of these items should be folded or in bags.

All hangers face left to resemble a question mark. (?)  

Items MUST be sorted by size, gender, and category.

Please hang all clothes on hangers and then attach tag to the left shoulder of the item if using safety pins; otherwise if using a tagging gun, please put the barb through the garment size tag to avoid putting holes in your clothes. 

Shirts: Please hang them on the hanger. (See pictures to the right)

Pants should be pinned with large, strong safety pins, at the waist to the top part of the hanger to prevent them from slipping. (Please see picture to the right)

Onesies: These need to be hung on hangers.Do not place in a baggie. You can place multiple onesies together by either hanging one and pinning the rest to the top or hang them each on a hanger and tie the hangers together. 

2- Piece outfits; please hang the top on the hanger and pin the skirt, shorts or pants to the back of the shoulders of the hanger.

By following the hints listed above it will help prevent items from falling to the floor.  


Shoes sizes accepted are newborn to size 5. 


Shoes that are torn, ripped, soles loose, WET, and/or muddy, DO NOT SELL.

We don’t want them.

Tie shoes together with curling ribbon or zip ties.

Then PIN tag to shoestring or shoe.

Boots secure together with ribbon or zip tie.

Accessories –Socks - hats – belts – sunglasses - purses: Please use zip lock baggies for the smaller items. These will be hung on the netting wall.

NO  Jewelry !

Maternity Clothing; Please limit to current season only and limited to 15 items per consignor

Maternity clothing must be in excellent condition and current styles, less than 5 years old.

Please hang on hangers so the outfit won’t slip off, pin shoulders if need be.

Heavy plastic hangers may be used for maternity clothing only.

Pin pants bottoms up to top of hanger to keep them off the floor. 

*Great Resource for sizing and pricing:

Tags pinned with medium sized safety pins on the right side of the garment…see illustration.

Fill in information COMPLETELY for each tag on our website.

Double check all information, including category, discount and price.

You will not be able to change the tags once you drop them off at the sale.  

Make sure that you choose if you want to discount each item during our Half-Price Days on Sunday, April 30th.

Your tag will print with “Discount: Yes” or “Discount: No” under the price, depending on if you check the box for each item. (Consignors who discount outsell consignors who don’t by 5 to 1.) 

When creating tags for items that you wish to have returned to you if they do not sell, make sure that the box under  “Donate” is not checked.

We do not sort these items after the sale. Items that are marked for donation will be donated. 

All items should be priced at $2.00 or above in whole dollar increments.

Group items of lesser value together.

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