​Westmoreland Sale for Kids Area's Largest Consignment Sales


  • Why is there a $18 registration fee? 

Your registration fee helps cover the cost of the location rental, advertising, insurance, display racks, tables, supplies, etc. 

  • I'm a registered consignor. How do I sign up for direct deposit? 

Please contact Lisa by calling 724-433-8980 to set up direct deposit. You will need access to your email when we do this. Or email me at info@saleforkids.com and we can complete this by email. 

  • Is there any other way to tag my items, besides on line? 

No, unfortunately, there's not. We require that all items be entered into the inventory program and tags be printed out because it makes the entire process MUCH easier, quicker and smoother. 

  • Can we use barcode tags from other consignment sales? NO

We are not able to accept other sale tags.  We have no way to identify who the tags belong to.

  • Will I be able to track my sales during the sale? 

NO, the program is not set up for live interaction during the sale. Security of our consignors information is important to us.

  • How long until I get my settlement payment? 

Checks will be mailed out approximately 14-21 business days from the end of the sales. Please remember after the kids' sale we are working at the fair grounds for another week with the Teen & Adult sale.  Electronic Deposit is an option and must be set up before the sale starts..

  • Do I have to be there for the sale? 

Consignors do not need to be at the sale during all business hours. 

  • Do consignors have to volunteer? 

No, but if they do they are able to earn up to  80% profit . When you join us as a team member you are able to see how the consignment sale works. You are able to talk to other consignors and see first hand what sells and how pricing of your items work. We ask for a minimum of 3 hours to help because without your help the sale is not possible.

  • Do I have to provide my own tables and racks? 

No. Westmoreland Sale for Kids provides all the equipment. We have the buildings set up in departments for you. All items will be grouped with other like items (e.g., all 2T boys on one rack).

  • Where can I find wire hangers, pins and tags? 

Ask your local dry cleaner for recycled wire hangers. Ask family if they have some from dry cleaning or if they have uniforms cleaned. Westmoreland Sale for Kids collects hangers year around. Call to see if I have any to give out.  If you know someone who wears uniforms to work and their company cleans the uniforms for them ask for the hangers. Safety pins can be found in the sewing section of most discount stores (Walmart, K Mart, or in bulk on line). Tape is available in the office supply sections of major stores. Card stock 65-67 weight is needed for printing tags. (Can be found at Office Max and Staples). 

  • Will I get a Receipt if I decide to donate my unsold items? 

With the donated items going to 3-5 different places at this time I am unable to track where your items are being donated to so a written receipt of your donated items will not be given out.

You are welcome to pick up your items Sunday Sept 22 ,2019 7 pm -8 pm and donate them yourself. 

  • Is there an entry fee for shoppers? 

No. Public shopping hours do not have a fee! 

  • What forms of payment are accepted? 

CASH, VISA and MasterCard, are acceptable. Plus we offer gift certificates.

 No checks accepted.

  • Where do I park? Is there a fee for parking? 

Westmoreland Fairgrounds has plenty of free parking.

**All sales are final. No returns or exchanges. All Items are sold "As Is" **