Sale for Kids Children's Sale 

Consignor Information

Resort sticker information 

If you are reactivating OLD tags and

resort number is different you can print

STICKERS to make old tags current. 

What Avery template are resort stickers designed to print on?
Avery template 8167, which is the return address sticker.

They are 1/2" x 1 3/4 inches. They should be readily available at any office supply store. There are 80 stickers per page. The system only generates one page of stickers for printing, but if the consignor needs more stickers than that they can just print the page a second time

Westmoreland Sale for Kids Consignor Reminder List

Important information I need to know.

Consignor Registration Opens 

 Date: Sunday, July 28, 2019    Time: 6 PM

My Consignor Number     ___________________________

MY Spring 2019 Resort Number is __________________

Returning Consignors PLEASE check

My Fall 2018 Resort Number was____________
My Spring 2018 Resort Number was______________

My Fall 2017 Resort Number was___________________

IF Fall 2019 resort # does not Match your old tags (Spring/Fall 2018 and/or Fall 17 reactivated tags) you need to reprint the reactivated tags to have new Fall 19 resort number on them.

Inventory Deadline
Saturday Sept 14, 2019,  11:00 PM

I Volunteered during these times



Inventory Drop Off

Monday Sept 16 , 2019- 4 PM - 8 PM

Tuesday Sept 17, 2019, 12 noon - 8 pm

Printed a $20 or more list and filled it out for drop off  (if needed)     Yes  or No  

Unsold Item Pick Up

Sunday Sept 22, 2019  7 pm - 8 pm
Monday Sept 23, 2019 9 am – 12 pm
Must sign up for Monday PICK UP  when you sign in at inventory drop off .

 Westmoreland Sale for Kids is held at

Westmoreland Fairgrounds

buildings #1 and #2

Please report to building #1 to sign in and activate your tags. 


Westmoreland Sale For Kids Consignor information In Greensburg

Why become a Consignor at the Children's Consignment Sale?

Consignor Registration will OPEN Sunday July 28, 2019 at 6 pm.    

Until all 275 spots are full.

  Updated Spring 2017

 Registered Consignors will earn 60 % profit.

When a consignors who become a team member can earn high % and also have registration fee lowered. See Team Member information for details.

NEW Consignor Registration Fee $18.00  (April 2018)
This fee helps cover the rental of the fairgrounds, advertising, racks and other supplies.

Consignors are Invited to shop one day before we open to the public on

Thursday Sept 19, 2019  4 pm - 9 pm

registration fee can be reduced by becoming a team member and working at least 6 hours see Team Member information for more details

Deadline to enter consignors inventory is Saturday Sept 14, 2019,  11 pm 

Westmoreland Sale for Kids offers families a way to sell their outgrown and unused items to a greater audience than their neighborhood yard sales and we offer consignors a place and the equipment to recycle and make something back on their unused items. 

No need to shop over priced malls and department stores!

No more running from garage sale to garage sale! 

Everything is in two inside buildings, 

How to consign with us:

  1. Register as a NEW  consignorIf you have not consigned with us in the past, you will need to create a  new consignor account. You will receive a consignor number and create a password. 
  2. Returning consignors can register for the current sale using your consignor number from past sale and your password on the return consignor link on the website. The following steps can be done through your Consignor Homepage once you are registered. 
  3. Read and sign your consignor agreement. Every consignor must electronically sign this document to participate in the sale. One Hard copy will be signed during inventory drop off, this will activate your tags. You can print a copy for yourself. 
  4. Sign up toBe a Team Member. This is not required, but highly recommended. There are many benefits to helping; including consignors who help can earn an additional  percentage, lower the registration fee and can shop earlier . Without our consignors helping during the sale we would not be able to continue.
  5. Enter your items into our online inventory system.We do not accept any handwritten tags or tags from other consignment sales. We have no way to identify who tags from other sales belong to. The better your description, the more likely we’ll be able to match it in the system if a tag is lost. 
  6. Print your tags. Please use white card stock to print all of your tags. It is available at Wal-Mart Georgia-Pacific Card stock, 8.5 x 11, 110 lb., 150 Sheets. Office Max 250 sheets $15.99 Recycled Specialty Cover Stock, 65 Lb, 8 1/2" x 11", Stardust White, Pack of 250 Sheets. Prices may be different in your area. Tags print 6 to a page.
  7. Prepare your items. Read our guidelines for what we will accept and how to prepare your items for the sale. Clean, press, and organize your items. Make sure sizes match – no mismatched size sets (2 T pants with size 4 T shirt) will be allowed. Check your items in a brightly-lit room for stains and other issues. The better you prepare (and price) your items, the higher your check will be. All clothing must hang securely on hangers with the hook pointing to the left, like a question mark. Consignment Mommies have great guidelines for pricing Please check for recalls.
  8. Tag your items. Note: Items must be tagged using white card stock only. If you are using a tagging gun, attach our bar code tags to the garment’s label or in a right-side seam only. Do not use a tagging gun in any other place!! Items with tags printed on copy paper will be rejected at drop-off.
  9. Sign up for direct deposit by  Sunday Sept 8, 2019

Westmoreland Sale for Kids will be offering direct deposit.

If you have received payment by direct deposit in the past your information is still in the bank account unless something has changed and you will be signed up for direct deposit by default.

You must contact us before Sunday Sept 8 , 2019  if you would like to set up to receive direct deposit. Direct deposit will be set up by email. I will not collect your banking information you will enter the information needed by email through my bank. This process can take 5-8 day to set up this is why I need you to contact me before the sale. 

Anyone who has signed up in the spring 2019 sale for direct deposit your information is still active and will receive direct deposit by default unless you contact me not to. If you signed up before spring 2019 please check with me to make sure your information is still 

You will receive your direct deposit for your profit 14-21 business days from close of the sales.

Consignors sold inventory reports can be viewed and printed on your consignor home page, once the checks/deposits are made for 2 weeks after the direct deposits and checks are completed.

Inventory Drop Off  

  1. Monday Sept 16 , 2019 , 4 pm – 8 pm & Tuesday Sept 17, 2019 , 12 pm – 8 pm        are the times set for you to bring your items to the fairgrounds. You will be asked to bring the items into the buildings a place with like items. Volunteers are available ​in each building and do their best to be at the door to help you. 
  2. Please come to building 1 to sign in and activate your tags FIRST and receive your early shopping pass. ​Please leave about 30-45 minutes to sign in and help place your items in the correct buildings.
  3. Please have your list of items priced $20.00 and over ready for these items must be scanned into the computer before placing on the sales floor. (In each building.).
  4. Clothing goes to building #2. Clothing will be inspected prior to the sale start for stains and non seasonal items. Items that are not for the correct selling season will be pulled. 
  5. Please have your clothing separated by gender, size and category. The racks will be set up by gender, size and category. This will help make checking your items and distribution of your items a breeze.           
  6. Toys and Nursery items are in building #1 (electronics  and battery operated items will be tested prior to the start of the sale.)
  7. Any items we find that do not meet the guidelines will be pulled from the sale and marked as why it was pulled.
  8. Anything that has been recalled or is dirty will also be pulled from the floor.
  9. We do have team members helping but with the amount of people coming in all at the same time they cannot help everyone.
  10. Thank you for your help and for your participation in the consignment sale Shop the Preview Sale. ​Consignor preview sale will be Thursday Sept 19th, 2019,  4 pm- 5:30 pm. 

Un sold inventory Pick up Sunday Sept 22,  2019, 7 pm - 8 pm 

  1. If you are not donating your unsold items, inventory pick up with be on              Sunday Sept 22, 2019,  7 pm -8 pm or Monday Sept 23, 2019,  9 am- 12 pm (limited spaces (40) for Monday pick up and you must sign up at drop off for this pick up time.
  2. Consignors are asked to please check our lost tag rack and table for any items that may belong to you while you are waiting. Items left after Monday Sept 23rd, 2019   12 pm become property of Westmoreland Sale for Kids and donated to local charities.
  3. If you do not have your items marked for donations and you do not pick them up, you will be charged a $15.00 disposal fee from your profits.
  4. No early pick-ups. We need all the breakdown time to sort everything back to the consignors resort numbers.
  5. If you are not able to pick up your items please have a friend or family member do so.
  6. You will need to know your resort code above the bar code to pick up you items that are not donated.
  7. Your help is needed when picking up your items to check your boxes before you leave to make sure you have only your consignor number/resort number. Mis-sorts have happened, 
  8. Please check your boxes before your leave to make sure you have only your items.
  9. You must sign that you have been at both buildings that you were there to pick up your items.
  10. If you drop off in both buildings check both building for pick up. 
  11. Wait for your settlement payment

          Consignors will be notified when checks are in the mail or direct deposited by email.

        Checks will be processed 14- 21 business days after the sale ends.

         This time is what is needed with having both of the consignment sales back to back.

         We will have the checks and Direct deposits out as fast as we can. 

We offer direct deposit and highly recommend it over mailing checks,

I have no control over USPS and how long it takes to receive your check.

Email me a request for direct deposit set up.         

 Westmoreland Sale for Kids will charge a replacement fee of $35 dollars for lost checks.

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